DS 103

Movies, Sentiments & more

6 weeks
B.Stat/B.Sc/B.S/B.Tech (3rd year+)
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 Live / Recorded Classes
 Doubt Clearing
 A Focussed Community
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* you should complete the project
We will help you with the algorithm codes.
You will not be taught "how to code" in the classes.
But, we will give you enough resources to learn.

Movies, Sentiments & more

  • 10+ hours of classes (Live/Recording)
  • Web scraping the data using Python
  • Text Mining Basics
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Machine Learning Algorithms 
  • Python Coding
  • Infinite (∞) Doubt Clearing
  • 6 Weeks

4999 1101+ 18% GST

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